Sitting in a crowded room, I look around to see if something interesting is happening. Nothing holds my attention, so I look at my phone to see if I am missing out on another event or make tomorrow’s plans. This little device is a gateway to the world, yet it is the most distracting thing from the present moment.

I am experiencing FOMO. The Fear of Missing Out. A term that has gained traction in recent years. A word commonly associated with my generation: Millennials. It’s easy to feel as though you are missing out when someone else’s lifestyle is just one click, tap, or like a way.

The Fyre Festival documentaries (watch on Hulu and Netflix) illustrate FOMO in a grand scale and explain the larger implications of chasing after the idea of an insta-perfect life. If you have not watched these documentaries yet, I suggest you stop reading this and go watch them, now!

The idea we are missing out on something has been around forever. However, it is magnified by the presence of social media. We see beautiful images of someone’s vacation, dinner, or even a perfectly organized desk set up. What we don’t see is the arguments on the beach, how the food may have tasted bad, or how unproductive someone actually is at a perfectly organized desk.

How do we combat FOMO and stay in the moment? Here are a few tips as recommended by the American Psychological Association:

Put your phone down – Research shows our phones could cause us sleep issues such as waking up from an alert and lack of sleep from using the device while falling asleep. Take time to put your phone down and focus on a night of restful sleep.

Take a break from social media – Sometimes seeing everyone’s achievements in your news feed can be overwhelming if you feel stuck. Take time for yourself by taking a break from social media. It will help you gain perspective in your own life. Find a new hobby or re-engage in an old hobby. You never know what could happen if you stop the endless scroll!

Form real-life connections and activities – While you are taking a break from social media, you can find a new activity and make some new connections IRL. This type of networking could lead to something great!

Remember to stay present in the moment and keep from wishing you were somewhere else. This type of thinking has helped me enjoy more moments. I hope it helps you too!

Oh, Hello Stationery Co. TN Review


Oh, Hello TN
Oh, Hello Stationery Co. TN Spring Swirls Cover

This week I received my new Oh, Hello Stationery Co. traveler’s notebooks! Oh, Hello Stationery Co. is a stationery shop owned and operated by Kayla and Alex. They have a variety of planner stickers, stationery, and home goods. Their Traveler’s Notebook is the latest product to launch!

I have seen several different ways to plan since being part of the planner community. Using a traveler’s notebook is one of the many products I have seen planners use to organize their lives. Last year, I was shopping around for a good traveler’s notebook, and I saw that my favorite sticker shop was working on creating their own traveler’s notebooks. I waited patiently for Oh, Hello Stationery Co. to launch their traveler’s notebooks on March 3rd! Since I am subscribed to the Oh, Hello newsletter, I was able to place my order a day early on March 2nd because they sent a special email to their subscribers. It is so nice of them to remember their subscribers in this way!  They launched both A6 and B6 size planners in three different colors, pink, brown, and black along with a variety of cover designs and customization options available. I selected two TNs: one in brown with the traditional spring swirl cover and one in black with the blue squares pattern. I was able to use my Poppy Points to receive a $15 discount on my TNs!

I received my order within a week of placing it. As I was waiting, I began looking into what types of journals or notebooks would fit in a B6 Traveler’s Notebook, as this is the size I ordered. I learned the Erin Condren PetitePlanners and jot your thought journals™ are the perfect size for the B6 TNs after researching and asking for suggestions from the Oh, Hello Stationery Co. Facebook Group. I had a Budget Petite Planner and ordered a 3-pack of jot your thought journals™ on Amazon that would fit perfectly!

Once the order arrived, I was so excited to place these journals into my new TNs. There are three jump bands in each TN that allows up to three inserts. They hold any type of insert in place and make it easy to flip between them. On the inside of the front cover, there is a cute pocket with three business card holder slots, and they have pressed their logo into the pocket. Oh, Hello Stationery provides a card with a brief description on there TNs and how to share your stories as well! On the inside of the back cover, there is a large pocket to put notes or stickers in it, which is great if you have some surprises to hide. The look and feel of these TNs are great! Overall, these TNs are a quality product at a reasonable price, and I am very excited to start using these in addition to my LifePlanner™ to stay organized and meet my personal and professional goals.

Do you use a traveler’s notebook? Or what is your favorite way to plan? Leave your comments below!

Would you like to start planning and order from the places I mentioned? Below are a few referral links to get started:

To receive $5 off your first order at Oh, Hello Stationery Co., click here.

To receive $10 off your first order at Erin Condren, click here.

You’ll receive a discount in the shop, and I’ll receive a discount as well. Gives you a chance to try something new, and we can be organized together!

*This is an un-bias review. All items were purchased on my own. This post contains referral links.