Your Package has been Shipped!

I sent off my sketchbook yesterday!

It is in the mail ready to go to the Brooklyn Art Library in New York. I managed to finish it at the beginning of spring break week!

Here is another spread from in between the pages of my sketchbook “Create and Capture”:

Captured in Buildings to be Free!

In other news, I have been working on another project for Art House, which is part of the 10×10 series.  It is the Map Project. I think this project is really fun so far. It has given me a chance to map out my past, present, and future. It’s due by the end of the month. Ahh! I must start working on it.

Spring Break has proved to be a good time so far. I have been able to work on things I have put off for awhile. I finally fixed the trackpad on my Mac by getting a new battery. My old one had warped causing everything to go haywire. It is so nice to have a working keyboard and mouse again!

So far my days have been filled volunteering for fun events like the Ragin’ Cajun Bash for CARTI. It consisted of Cajun music, silent auction, and MANY crawfish. I had a few watercolor pieces and pottery in the auction. It was amazing to see my work sell for a good cause.

I am going to go squeeze out a few more quiet moments in my spring break before it ends on Sunday.

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  1. Love your sketchbook – what a great idea to show people ‘captured’ in their apartments in those buildings! Love your bright colours too 🙂

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