The Drape

I think Sunday nights should be my blog nights. I have an hour between Celebrity Apprentice and Mad Men to prepare things for the week ahead. It seems to be the best time for me to collect my thoughts for the week.

I have sent off my map for the Art House Library Map Project. It was a fun challenge to create something that represents me in a map.

Map of Pam
Marvelous Map of Pam – Visit to see more…

I have been trying to just focus my energy on school since I am in finals mode. This means not coming up with more projects to do.

I say this after managing to waste an hour changing my YouTube email address. Do you know how impossible it is to change accounts on YouTube? I should have taken advantage of the link accounts back when they were offering it, but I had no use for it at the time.

I finally found the solution was a new email address for my account, but that’s not really a solution. They should really give the option to merge a Gmail account into another account. Is this even possible?

This little hour of experimentation (we will call it that instead of wasting time because it sounds way better) made me realize how many Gmail accounts I actually have. I do not know why I prefer Gmail, but I think it would be a good idea to use other email services. Who knows what could happen? It’s like having all your money in one bank. Then BOOM gone!

Anyway, now I have another email. How many emails do you have? It’s like you can never have enough to filter out all the junk mail from the serious stuff.

Now you might be asking, but Pam don’t you have a bunch of accounts on your website you can use? Well, yes, the only issue I have ever encountered is the insane amount of spam my web server will produce in my inbox, and I have no idea why. If someone has a solution to that, please let me know.

I am going to finish watching MadMen with my Drape on, and then go study to keep that A grade up until the end of the semester.

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