Planner Review! : The Kate Spade edition

It is nice to have time to sit down and write about the adventures of finding a planner. In my previous post, I explained that I was looking for a 2016 planner. After reading various reviews and browsing several planners, it was the golden dots of a Kate Spade planner that caught my eye.

I purchased the 2016 17-month medium Kate Spade agenda with gold dots in January. It was discounted in their online store since the previous 5 months from 2015 were no longer needed. When it arrived a few days after purchase, it was in a small brown box wrapped nicely with stylish tissue paper.

After having a few months to use the Kate Spade planner, there are several features I enjoy about the planner and layout:

  • Pocket and notes section – There is a double sided pocket at the beginning of the planner, which is great when I have a loose receipt that I need to tuck somewhere for safe keeping. It is followed by a notes section. This area is nice to write down my goals and other reminders.
  • Full monthly view – The month view is just large enough to place reminder stickers on the day.
  • Full horizontal weekly views – The month view is followed by horizontal weekly that gives plenty of space to write down reminders and other notes for each day.

There are a few things that come as a disadvantage depending on what you are looking for in a planner:

  • Overall size, 7.75″ x 5.5″, is convenient, and it is very easy to transport; however, it can be a challenge to write detailed notes in the monthly view.
  • Style and font – The style and font is beautiful, but someone may find it a little light and small to read.
Kate Spade Planner
2016 here we come!

It is easy to work with the pros and cons by using various planner stickers. There are two sets that have been useful when planning weekly and monthly activities. The Erin Condren line and Happy Planner™ line are both nice. Their sticker packets work well with the Kate Spade planner.

My haul from the Erin Condren website.
My haul from the Erin Condren website.

Erin Condren line:

  • Do-it-all dots – These are helpful in the monthly view to remind me to review the weekly view reminders. They fit perfectly and have helped me remember important events.
  • Always a Reason & Season to Celebrate: Monthly Collection – The monthly sticker book is wonderful because the EC team has curated several stickers for each month. All you have to do is peel and stick to decorate a monthly view or weekly view. While normally used in the EC LifePlanner, they do wonders in other planners to add a little color and organization.
  • snap-in StylizedSticky™ notes – Her sticky notes are stylish and fit perfectly in the Kate Spade weekly view. They are great to make a goal list or organize bills and to-dos.
Happy Planner Sticker line. Part of my haul from Michaels.
Happy Planner Sticker line. Part of my haul from Michaels.

Me & My Big Ideas – Happy Planner™ line:

  • Get it Done Sticker Pack – This 6 sheet sticker pack is filled with motivational quotes. They are great to add to any planner and reminds me that everyday can be great though it may not start that way.
  • To Do, Gold Foil Sticker Pack – This 5 sheet sticker pack has various gold foil reminders that blend well with my Kate Spade planner and add a little flair while keeping up with important dates.
  • Don’t Forget Sticker Pack – This 6 sheet sticker pack is similar to the gold pack; however, it has various colorful ‘Don’t Forget’ stickers. These are helpful to jot down information in a call-out sticker.
  • Alphabet Black Sticker Pack – This 6 sheet sticker pack is filled with several alphabet sticker layouts. They blend well with just about any layout and add some personality.
June View - Summertime is coming soon!
June View – Summertime is coming soon!

I am happy with the Kate Spade planner and the ability to customize it with various products from the Happy Planner™ line and Erin Condren line. Though, after having the experience of using various planner products, I am looking forward to the Erin Condren 2017 planners. It will be exciting to see all the options from each company this summer.

Update: The Erin Condren planners are arriving on June 1st! I am so excited to see the selection and the possibilities of a new planner.

***This post is merely my opinion, and Kate Spade, Happy Planner nor Erin Condren have endorse this post. I have listed a referral link to Erin Condren below:

Erin Condren – Refer a Friend link

You’ll receive a discount in the shop, and I’ll receive a discount as well. Gives you a chance to try something new, and we can be organized together!

Digital Galaxy of Ideas

It’s 2015, already?

Though it is almost 2 years and a day later, I am beginning to blog again. Now that the ABC lineup is back on, my Sunday night blogging might start back up.

Within the past 2 years, I have graduated AAU officially, and I have an Associates Degree in Web Design: New Media. It was a great experience, and I definitely use what I have learned in my everyday life.

From things you have learned in the past, do you find yourself using it in a new situation?

I have a full-time job, and I enjoy using what I have learned at AAU in new and different ways. I find myself accessing memories of class projects when I use organization, timelines, and imagery.

Now that I am out of school and on a new path in life, I have become fascinated by Pinterest and all the various ideas and items pinned and re-pinned between people. I have browsed Pinterest for a few years, however, it has been interesting to reorganize pin boards and explore the different ideas that are shared in such a digital galaxy.

With these new ideas and inspirations, it made me break open Photoshop and experiment with a few brushes, shapes, and filters to create a scene I have noticed often in various pins.

To create the galaxy, I went to Google to find a useful and stellar galaxy tutorial. It helped me learn how to create the base before creating layers of shape cutouts. I enjoyed learning the basics and hope to continue experimenting with this idea in the future.

Here is my first attempt:

Experimenting with Shapes, brushes, and other filters...
Experimenting with Shapes, brushes, and other filters…


Have you ever found a useful Pin or tutorial to create something that you have seen?

That is all for now, I hope to make this a regular thing, until next time! 🙂