Once Upon A Time

I had a aspiration to blog every Sunday night because I had an hour in between television shows. Now I sit here a year later, I have accomplished this goal a hand full of times, but wish I had done more about it.

Let me get you up to speed as to what has gone on since last August:

1) I only have 8 more classes until I complete my degree. This is something I am so excited about. Now, I can tell people I will be done within the year. It has been exciting, stressful, and definitely a learning experience. I know just in my projects and volunteer work I see myself using the techniques I have learned in class.

2) I am learning how to salsa dance. I started taking lessons for fun in May and have found it to be a fun lesson in letting others take control. While I still fly around the floor like a spinning top, it has been fun experiencing Latin dance and other types of music.

3) It is not a highlight of year, but something that defines me. The day before Halloween I popped my knee for the first time in 7 years and sprained my wrist for the first time in my life.

Here is the story:

At a Halloween party, I was dancing on my own and managed to snag my heel in a crack on the cement floor. This caused my knee to jar, snap, and bend; sort of like snap, crackle, pop Rice Crisps. I went down as fast as an Arkansas pine in an ice storm. It is amazing the things I do not remember when I am in pain, such as, slamming my wrist on the floor.

I just hoped no one saw me fall and definitely prayed there was not a film of this crazy fall. However, now that I look back on it I wish it was filmed because this kind of situation would have gotten me on Ellen’s talk show. I could have met some cool celebrities by now!

Before I knew it, I was driving home with a wrist and knee throbbing in pain. It was decided I should go to the hospital to get it checked out. By 1 am, it was confirmed I had a sprained wrist that needed to rest and heal. This was all fine and great, but it was my left hand. The one I use to do practically everything! It was a long 7 weeks, but after a lot of ice, heat, and soaking my sore muscles, I was healed by Christmas.

This definitely took a toll on just about everything I had planned for the coming weeks. From The Color Run to the benefit dinners I was scheduled to volunteer, I had to muster up all my strength and push through if I wanted to continue with the work I wanted to do.

Since then I am much more careful about where I walk, and I have put vanity aside with my knee bands. I wear them everywhere with every outfit no matter what. I even managed to find some knee bands in colors that go with my outfits. Thank goodness for Amazon!

4) The greatest snowstorm of all time. Well, for Arkansas anyway. Christmas night it snowed nearly 10 inches in some places while others had a foot of snow. This snowstorm brought on massive power outages that lasted nearly a week. It was beautiful snow, but crazy at the same time without power. It is amazing how much we survive on power, and once it is taken away, we revert into a survival mode. After a few days the snow melted, we were finally able to get out of the house. I did not want to miss out on NYE parties, so with determination and a 3-day old migraine we snagged a room at a local hotel with electricity. It was close to the salsa NYE party I wanted to attend, and the night turned out great! It was wonderful to ring in the new year with new friends.

The effects of the snow storm.
The effects of the snow storm.

5) After finishing several Art House Sketchbook Projects, I told myself I was going to take a break from art projects of any sort. I wanted to focus my energy on other things that I never seem to finish either. Somehow, I managed to rope myself into two painting classes within a two week span of each other (oh Groupon, how you make these ideas sound so good). There are some new business that have popped up around town where you and a group of friends/coworkers can go and paint a picture with in a few hours and enjoy painting and chatting while having a glass of wine or even your favorite soda. It was nice to get out and paint with others and not have to be under pressure to create something for a grade or feedback. Out of the two paintings I would say my favorite is the cupcake I managed to whip together in a little less than 3 hours. That is a record for me. Normally it would take 3 days with multiple breaks at home, and the possibility of it never being finished.

Cupcake Painting
Cupcake Painting

Those are the most recent things of the past few months and new year. I am really excited to see the things that happen this year, and what it in store!

Now to watch ABC’s Sunday night lineup!

Your Package has been Shipped!

I sent off my sketchbook yesterday!

It is in the mail ready to go to the Brooklyn Art Library in New York. I managed to finish it at the beginning of spring break week!

Here is another spread from in between the pages of my sketchbook “Create and Capture”:

Captured in Buildings to be Free!

In other news, I have been working on another project for Art House, which is part of the 10×10 series.  It is the Map Project. I think this project is really fun so far. It has given me a chance to map out my past, present, and future. It’s due by the end of the month. Ahh! I must start working on it.

Spring Break has proved to be a good time so far. I have been able to work on things I have put off for awhile. I finally fixed the trackpad on my Mac by getting a new battery. My old one had warped causing everything to go haywire. It is so nice to have a working keyboard and mouse again!

So far my days have been filled volunteering for fun events like the Ragin’ Cajun Bash for CARTI. It consisted of Cajun music, silent auction, and MANY crawfish. I had a few watercolor pieces and pottery in the auction. It was amazing to see my work sell for a good cause.

I am going to go squeeze out a few more quiet moments in my spring break before it ends on Sunday.