Hello world!

This is my first post officially!

I have finally taken the time to re-upload wordpress and use it as a permanent blog. This blog will be used as a way to keep track of my work as I update my website and keep everyone updated on my journey through life.

On that note, I am busy revamping my website in a big way. I have decided with my coming of age in the next month that this website needed to be turned into something that would be worth showing to potential bosses and clients.

I have begun this process by creating a splash page when you come to the main site. This gives the user a clear view of what I can do and where they can go in the site. I am currently working on the About Pam section. This will have an overview of myself, artist statement, and why I chose artsypam.com. I will also list my information for other sites I use and how to contact me.

That is what I have on paper right now. I am trying to focus on just these things before moving on to anything else on my site.

I know my next goal is to learn how to make my own wordpress layout. I may need to employ a few hours on google to figure this one out!