Big Dreams in Little Jars

It is amazing how a month just flies by when you are doing so many new things.

I have finished a second paper for class, and I am so excited about the progress I have made in both of my classes. I found myself working on my magazine spread last week often tweaking little things here and there. For last week’s assignment, we created music spreads. The idea was to come up with conceptual images relating to the band or style of music we selected.

I turned it in yesterday and awaiting a grade for it. I am curious to see what the thoughts will be about my colorful spread. So far, my fellow classmates love the lighting and choice of color. If I had to describe my style, it would be colorful. I enjoy designs that have a punch of color in them. I believe color is very important in our lives, instead of just living in a taupe world.

Since I finished my class projects early in the week, I was able to plow through a few more pages in my sketchbook for the Limited Edition Sketchbook Project. My theme for my sketchbook is Create and Capture.

With this in mind, I have been designing spreads that relate to creating something than captured shortly after. So far, a lot of my work has been strictly sketching and coloring my ideas. I decided with this theme to experiment with different papers and create a see through effect.

This is the second spread that I love in my sketchbook now! My previous spread in the post below is my original favorite.

This is what I came up with for one section of my book:

Part One by Pam Davis
Created by Pam Davis


I cut out the shape of a Mason jar on two pages and glued a piece of frosted scrapbook paper in between them to create the glass effect. Then I drew in the details of a mason jar. It was easy to come up with two ideas for each page.  My reader can now capture a fairy and a whale in the jar! I had a lot of fun playing with this once it was finished.

I have had Mason jars on my brain for a few weeks now. I want to know who decided to bring the Mason jar back and make it trendy? I see it everywhere for any kind of craft or project.

I have a few more pages before this project is finished. I am on the countdown to finish it and mail it off before the end of April.

17 more pages to go…