Here I am!

Well, it is Sunday. The day I intended to blog, although it has been a few Sundays since my last posting.

I finished school in the middle of May with two A(s). I have managed to find things to fill my free time, which is not helpful because I tend to become anxious about little things that need to be finished.

The list of things, such as, upgrading my computer, scheduling an eye doctor appointment and printing out my magazine have been done giving me the chance to have a nice break before starting summer classes. Class starts in 8 days!

I am also planning my next Sketchbook Project. Signups for 2013 have begun, and I am creating a new sketchbook!

Has anyone actually decided on a theme yet? I have not, but I am thinking about sticking with the sketchbook theme. If anyone has fun ideas for freshening up the traditional sketchbook, let me know.