The Archives of the Internet

I read an article a few days ago entitled How Tweet it is: Library [of Congress] Acquires Entire Twitter Archive it discussed the Library’s archive of Twitter for future generations to discover and research. I think this principle is somewhat interesting, yet a little unnerving. Of course, everything you put on the internet can be found and with Twitter the idea is to be public with your thoughts. However, it is a lot of server space that could be used to house digital image of decaying artifacts and other items that are slowing fading away.

I would like to be a teen in 20 years that sees things their parents tweeted or even older celebrities. I can’t imagine explaining this to my future children and why we said and did what we did online. It will be like the generations from Myspace. There might be some interesting results by having tweets archived.

“I’m no Ph.D., but it boggles my mind to think what we might be able to learn about ourselves and the world around us from this wealth of data.  And I’m certain we’ll learn things that none of us now can even possibly conceive.” – Matt Raymond

Like he mentions in the article, this could be something that we use to learn about ourselves and our emotional growth as a culture. It could show us how to be better humans in the future.

I also have wondered how the generations of Facebook/Twitter babies will feel about having an whole virtual life laid out for them by their parents before they could even walk or talk. I know there have been other articles written about this, and it does make me wonder who is really in control of our virtual footprint? Sure we can minimize what we put online, but what about what others post about us? Or those people that take a crowd shot and you happen to be in it? What then?

It will be interesting to see how the future generations either embrace this idea of a whole virtual world or go against the grain and not take part in something their parents and grandparents have created. I hope to see our lives become blended with virtual and real world living. I think if we could start blending and growing as a culture without such a stigma as to what happens with online content; we would see how sites like Twitter could improve our lives.

I personally find blogging to be a little more interesting and if you are a great storyteller it can be funny as well.

Anyway, I am still moving along on my Candy Still Life. I am almost finished with filling in the background with Jelly Beans! It is definitely coming together.I managed to buy some more yellow and red paint this week. Now I can balance out all the PINK in my painting. As you can tell, I like pink.

My other goal is to start working out by walking and lifting a weight or two. Has anyone tried Fitocracy? I want to sign up for it, but I feel like I need to be dedicated to working out before I really commit to a fitness community. 🙂

To Do Lists and Birthday Cakes

I gave myself a To Do List for my winter break. Does anyone find To Do Lists helpful?

I tend to actually finish things when I have a list. Right now, I have finished 4 out of 6 items, which is pretty good for me! One of the major things on my list was updating my site. I revamped the academic portfolio section with a new landing page and added in my recent classes. I learned how to work with videos on a website during class, and I am so excited to be able and apply it with my own work.

My other major list item was to bake (or in the end buy) cupcakes for my birthday week in February. I usually create the whole week around my birthday and have a party everywhere I go with balloons and cake. It is fun to bring the celebration too people that I wouldn’t normally see on the actual day!

Pinterest has been something I have really utilized the past few days for cupcake recipes and other items I am interested in making/baking. –

Here is a sneak peak of my side project (not posted on my to do list).