Digging up Memories

Taking a break from my day to post this little story.

Do you ever wonder where your childhood toys disappear too? You know some of them were given away or cleaned out to make room for more, but there is always a stray one that gets lost in the shuffle.

While my mother was gardening this afternoon, she was digging up in an area that once was the landing spot for my sandbox. After a scoop or two into the ground, she hit something orange and bright. It was not the fruit, but a very small very plastic shovel I would use in my sandbox.

She washed off the dirt and brought the shovel to me while I was ‘buried’ in school projects. She asked if I had ever seen it before, and I remembered it was one of the many shovels I had in my sandbox when I was a kid. It definitely brightened my evening by giving me something funny to look at as I continued my project work.

I leave you with a photo of the memorable shovel:

Look What I Found!
Look What I Found!

Have you ever found a childhood toy after years of it being hidden somewhere?