New Year. New Goals.

It seems every New Year presents new goals and new challenges keeping those goals. I try to keep the typical goals such as lose some weight, save money, etc. This year I hope to keep my goals and have a new outlook on life.

In doing so, I try keeping lists of those goals, and it has slowly turned into planning out small tasks to complete while keeping up with everyday items. Since I am on the go lately, I have started keeping a planner to keep up with these items.

I haven’t thought of myself as a planner girl; however, it has turned into a necessity as of late. I began keeping a planner late May of last year, and it reminded me of all those lists I made during class to keep up with projects. In a way, I have kept a planner all along without even realizing it, just with lined notebook paper.

As I planned, I turned to Pinterest to see how others organized their planning. It was only then I learned of the wonderful world of planning, decorating, and designer planners!

For the year of 2015, I created an awesome mini-binder that I found for $3.99 at Walmart. I was able to design it for my calendar, budget, and general note taking. Though, as the year ended, I had my eye on other planners, specifically, Kate Spade.

In my upcoming blog posts, I will review 2016 planners, stickers, and sticky notes and how they keep me organized while being creative along the way.